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Typed therapy with ieso

ieso provide digital therapy via typed conversations online. The sessions are confidential, one-to-one, typed conversations.

We partner with ieso, an online therapy provider of typed therapy. You may be referred to ieso after your initial assessment with us. ieso works via an easy to use platform which can be accessed using a computer, tablet or smartphone.

What is typed therapy?

Typed therapy is therapy that takes place online, via typed conversations. Some people find that it makes it easier to be open and reflect on their thoughts and behaviours when they are not in front of a therapist.

Typed therapy takes place online, so you don't need to miss work or travel anywhere, choosing a convenient time to type with your therapist.

Like face-to-face therapy, typed sessions are confidential and take place in real-time with a qualified therapist. You'll receive support between sessions and guidance beyond therapy, too.

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