Ed's story

"Facing and openly dealing with your mental health challenges can be intimidating but when I finally mustered the courage to approach West Sussex Talking Therapies, it felt like a massive weight lifted off my shoulders. The booking team and therapist embraced me with a reassuring warmth, conveying a message that said, "No need to worry; we're here to help."  All the days of anxiety about what to say and fearing judgment,were totally replaced by the comfort of knowing I was in capable and understanding hands.

After just one session, I could feel a significant improvement in my mental wellbeing. It was like the chaos in my mind's filing cabinet started to unravel, making everyday life feel manageable again.

Diving into your own mind is tough but with the therapist's support and the mindfulness tools given to me, I got the confidence to finally tackle it. The sessions were about empowering yourself, no clingy dependency, just the realisation that you've got the power to drive your own healing.

I can't praise this service enough; it did wonders for me and still does. Knowing there's a support system like this out there is incredibly reassuring, especially for anyone struggling with their own mental wellbeing. I'm forever grateful to the service for helping me regain control over my life and thoughts, making me feel less alone during a seriously dark time.

Navigating personal struggles and seeking assistance may not be as overwhelming as it initially appears, especially when utilising a wonderfully supportive service like this one."

- Ed,  patient 

Jason's story

"West Sussex Talking Therapies has effectively helped me overcome my health anxiety. My therapist explained exactly what was going on and provided effective tools and strategies to minimise my triggers and unhelpful repetitive behaviours.

My therapist also identified underlying issues which were the cause of my health anxiety, which related to close relationships in my life. I was offered extended sessions to cover dealing with these relationships, including boundaries, grief, depression and anxiety.

I was also left with a plan on how to maintain my overall mental health, as well as long term goals for improving my social life, seeking new like-minded friends, and improving my business and passions. I can highly recommend West Sussex Talking Therapies."

- Jason, patient

Sam's story

It's no exaggeration to say that my course of CBT changed my life. I was having quite a tricky time with OCD before I sought treatment – specifically in being able to leave the house without checking locks and windows multiple times. 

But through my sessions my therapist was able to break down my anxieties and rationalise them and address them through measured, progressive steps. When I first started the sessions it would take me 30 minutes to leave the house and I'd feel like I was having a panic attack. 

By the end of my treatment not only could I leave in five minutes but my therapist left me with strategies to cope with any future flair ups. I'll be eternally grateful for my therapist and West Sussex Talking Therapies. They changed my life, and gave me back my life.

- Sam, patient